eTribez In The News
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eTribez In The News

eTribez In The News

Los Angeles and Tel Aviv, May 2019 – The recently launched, end-to-end, Cloud-based Production Management Platform called “eTribez Production Management” –  developed by Israel-based eTribez, Inc. has been making waves all around the TV and Film industry. The eTribez Production Management Platform is available to producers of content on a global basis working across the entertainment, broadcasting, promo, and advertising industries.

The benefits to producers of eTribez’s Production Management Platform are an easy to use, cloud-based platform that is accessible from any device; updates in real time; and features a number of integrated, complementary “modules,” each communicating with each other. The new platform unifies and synchronizes every aspect of the production process via one centralized solution – historically, these production processes have never before been inter-connected. Designed to perform on a studio level, the eTribez Production Management Platform is highly secure, has been ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified, and is GDPR compliant.

The industry has certainly taken notice. Here are just some of the recent stories around the web covering our new Production Management Platform.



Founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2012 by Eli Abayan (CEO), Nir Segal (COO), and Oz Ben-Eliezer (CTO), and with additional offices in Los Angeles, CA, and London, UK, eTribez is a leading provider of comprehensive digital solutions for the production and casting of scripted and non-scripted content. The company’s cutting-edge technologies provide broadcast networks and television production companies around the world with a comprehensive suite of solutions to operate the most successful, profitable, and efficient productions in the entertainment, broadcasting, promo and advertising industries today.

For the past seven years, eTribez has been offering major international TV producers a variety of innovative and unique online casting and audience engagement solutions. Major TV industry clients of eTribez are based in 19 territories, including the U.S., the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy. Among these high profile clients are ITV, Fremantle Media, Endemol Shine Group, FOX, Sony Pictures Television, the BBC, Canal +, NBC, Univision, Televisa, MTV, RTL, and many others. eTribez has powered the casting management behind over 200 non-scripted TV series including such hit global formats as Big Brother, Idol, Got Talent, Survivor, The Voice, The Amazing Race, MasterChef, The Chase, and many others.

Among the benefits of eTribez’s unique solutions:

** All Production and Casting Elements Exist in One, Streamlined, Digital Location

** A Cross Production View for Production Companies is Easily Available

** Delayed Communications are Eliminated

** Real-time Capture and Control of Progress and Costs is Readily Accessible

** Production Team Member Workloads are Greatly Simplified

** The eTribez Production Management Platform is a Fully-Scalable, SaaS, Cloud-Based System

** All of eTribez’s Services are Highly Secure, ISO 27001 and SOC2 Certified, and GDPR-Compliant

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Media Contact USA & UK:  

Dan Harary

The Asbury PR Agency, Inc.

Beverly Hills, CA, USA