Crowd Casting - eTribez
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With Crowd Casting, fans can uniquely connect with and feel part of the show.
Fans can use credits to vote for their favorite contestants, boost them
to the top, support them with virtual gifts, and more.

Audience selection

Candidates chosen solely by audience selection.

Exclusive content

Opportunity for fans to consume exclusive content, be rewarded, vote for their favorite contestants, and be truly engaged with the show.

Platform interaction

Fans can interact with candidates and other fans directly within the platform.


Show monetization capabilities with virtual currency, micropayments, and other methods.


Flexible, customizable implementation.


Fans experience – Provides a true gamified experience for fans.

Social media buzz – Creates heavy social media buzz around your show.

Increased conversion rates – Increased interaction and conversion rates, and growth in fans, candidates, viewers, and ratings.