Crowd Casting - eTribez
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Our audience-generated content solution gives producers an efficient way to support creating new content from mass audiences, in real time. An eTribez widget can be seamlessly embedded into a network’s website or mobile app, with the ability to upload nearly any form of content they choose.

eTribez widget

Users can connect to an eTribez widget seamlessly embedded into the network’s website or mobile app, and upload any content.

Casting production process

Serves the casting needs of production companies before, during, and after the production process.


Provides platforms for online and in-person auditions.

Backend management

Backend management systems for pre-production, logistics, episode planning, music rights clearance, budgeting, candidate performance tracking, and more.


Producers can efficiently collaborate and communicate with contestants before, during, and after the show.

Management hub

Producers can create a secure, centralized management hub accessible over the web – using mobile devices as well.


Saves time – Instead of your casting process taking eight weeks, you can do it in just five minutes!

Saves money – Saves money and resources.