FINANCE - eTribez
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A comprehensive module to manage and track all financial components of your production in real time – including budget planning, cost management, cost reporting, purchase order and invoice management, expense management, revenues and cashflow.


Build a smart budget in minutes, automatically linking costs from all production entities, including Above-the-Line, cast, crew, locations, services, post-production, fringes and more.
Plan your funding resources and expected revenues.
Quickly summarize budgets from the Topsheet level to the details, share budget plans for approval, receive notes and comments, and manage budget versions and options.


Manage expenses as they happen, with flexible invoice and petty cash management workflows, ensuring that your payments are always accurate and on time.
Track and control your budget in real time by connecting it to daily production reports, planning and scheduling changes, cost changes, and live reports from the set.
Quickly create and share budget reports, cashflow estimates and more.
Track your revenues and cashflow using easy estimation tools and visualizations.

  • Budget Planning
  • Budget Tracking (Cost Management / Forecasting)
  • Cost Reports
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoice Management (AP process)
  • Financial Contracts for Crew and Cast
  • Payroll Tracking
  • Expenses
  • Petty Cash and Credit Card Tracking
  • Vendor Management
  • Integrations with Leading Accounting Systems