STAFFING - eTribez
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Plan the organization and structure of your production’s staff, and assign crew members to production roles


Quickly build your production structure from templates or previous productions – and define units, departments and roles.


Define hiring processes for your production roles, open and close hiring processes, and manage shortlists for open roles.


Build and maintain your own database of talent, freelancers and potential employees to easily search, review and add them to your shortlists.


eTribez’ online staffing module allows the production team to fully manage the hiring, negotiating, contracting and staffing process…all in one place.


Our solution can be configured to allow different levels of access for each member of your production team. This ensures the safety and protection of your cast and crew’s personal information, and provides a well-coordinated hiring process for the production team.


Track employment history, past experience, skills and certifications and availability.


Collect manager and peer reviews and candidate scoring (accessible for authorized personnel only).


Report, track and manage timesheets and payments, store and manage contact details, negotiation information, deal terms, legal documents and financial information for smooth and seamless crew management.